Past Projects:

 Here at ESG, we have had some great opportunities to be involved in projects for the University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Y-12 National Security Complex, Spallation Neutron Source, East Tennessee Technology Park, Tennessee Valley Authority, and Oak Ridge Associated Universities, as well as many other clients. Since 1998, we have completed close to three hundred construction projects for the Department of Energy and Tennessee Valley Authority, but we have completed multiple private sector and commercial projects as well so feel free to contact us for all of your design or construction needs. We have done many projects ranging from the construction of entire buildings as the prime and general contractor to multiple projects working with other companies as a sub-contractor for many electrical or general construction needs. Our construction resume includes multiple general, electrical, mechanical, roofing, and civil construction projects. We would be glad to supply you with all of our references. 


 Even though a lot of our work is geared more to the utility side where pictures are not very "pretty", I have some examples below of a few of our past successful projects that I would like to share with you.

 Feel free to contact Me or Ryan Asher for all of your design or construction needs.

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The Carbon Fiber Facility in Oak Ridge, TN was a complete design-build project. We worked with a great team at UT Battelle that supplied us with a scope of work that we helped make a reality. We had almost every craft working together during the construction activities and to date, this has been one of our favorite projects. 

We demolished the old meteorlogical tower at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and errected the new one that stands today.

The university of Tennessee students designed a completely self-sustaining, solar powered home that they entered into a world-wide contest, and we installed all of the electrical portion of the project while working with other local Knoxville contractors.

This picture is one of our projects that we designed and built for remote motor control centers to sit outside of a building to free up the space that the old motor control centers occupied. Even the enclosure that housed these motor control centers was made to order, and we were able to get it UL Listed.

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